Who We Are

Broadmoor Community Church has a rich history of serving the people of New Orleans in general and the Broadmoor neighborhood in particular.

We were originally founded as Gloria Dei (“glory to God”) Lutheran Church in 1927 right in the geographic heart of New Orleans. Our church is located where the thoroughfares of Broad St., Napoleon, and Fountainbleau come together.

During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, our church was inundated with nine feet of water. It is only through the grace of God and the hard work of a small community of faithful that we were able to rebuild. In 2007 the church was reopened, and in 2011 we welcomed our first pastor since the storm.

Inspired by Rev. Manning’s vision of a growing, open-armed community committed to loving service, diversity, and passionate worship of Jesus Christ, we have renamed the church. We feel that Broadmoor Community Church better reflects our vision for our future, as well as our dedication to serving local needs in faith.

We treasure our past, and we’re proud of our roots here in New Orleans. Now we wish to focus on growing our faith community into the future and welcome any who wish to attend our services.

No perfection required – come as you are.